Thoughts on where I stand

Since my text books are called “Biblical Worldview Rhetoric,” It is important to clarify where I stand. My stance is simple: I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and it is sufficient for today just as it was yesterday, and will be forever. I stand on sola scriptura, Scripture Alone; sola fide, Faith Alone; and soli deo gloria, to God alone be the glory. Anything I could add to that would take away from it.
As for the text books that I have written, I want them to be used as tools for high school students to learn how to discern the world around them. They can learn to peel back the facade of the age, or of ages past, to detect what’s going on underneath the words people say. In doing so, they will improve their own writing and speaking, thus becoming more eloquent at reaching out to a dying world with the Living Word.
Soli deo gloria!


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